Trustpilot wrapper php library

Do you know Trustpilot ? It’s a growing company which won the Danish Startup Awards 2013.

This PHP5+ library is a wrapper which helps you to interact with the Trustpilot Developer Feed.

The point of this library is:

  • to avoid TrustBox which is not good for you SEO
  • to provide a fluent API (avoid stdClass)
  • to implement an easy cache layer

Basically, Trustpilot updates review feeds about every 5 hours (information sent by their support) and hosts them at Amazon S3. There is no limit in downloading them but it’s of course better to make a cache for user experience.

I use it to make a backend overview of all our sites because Trustpilot’s backend doesn’t have that possibility. And it looks like that an (RESTful?) API is not planned according to their support. So at the moment, it’s not possible to fetch statistics and the feed provides only the last 10 reviews…

You can read more about this library on github.

Antoine Corcy

Developer / Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark