Vagrant virtualizes environments easily!

Image you are working on 3 different projects:

  • Project A: PHP 5.3, NginX, MySQL…
  • Project B: Ruby, Rails, MangoDB…
  • Project C: PHP 5.4, Apache2, PostgreSQL…

The problem is obvious. Imagine now that the production server is Ubuntu 12.04 and you’re working on Mac OS X or windows. How to solve these problems ? Vagrant will help us to install the Ubuntu 12.04 Box and to make 3 development environments with its dependencies via provisioning scripts !

Unit test with atoum installed with composer

Why to use composer when we can get a phar single file ? Well, phar file is great, really great which works very good. But I think it’s much easier to use composer to keep my packages updated and organized. It’s also very easy to create a new projet, we just need the composer.json ! If we only need atoum, it’s better to install the phar file with wget and keep it updated with php -d phar.readonly=0 mageekguy.atoum.phar --update.

Hello world!

I took time this week-end to set up Jekyll to blog like an hacker :) I tried Octopress on Heroku. It works good but it’s “less” flexible than the original one. It was a good way to use Ruby again. It’s a very simple template but I will improved and work on it when I’ll get time. I think it’s good enough for the moment anyway. This blog will be especially a developer blog with a lot of codes hopefully.

Author image Antoine Corcy on #diverse,