Geocoder PHP library simple batch requests

This demo will run the CurlHttpAdapter against 10 providers which can geocode this address 10 rue Gambetta, Paris, France. We will then transform, if available, result objects in standard format via the WktDumper.

Let’s install Geocoder through Composer. To do so, just create a composer.json file for your project.

    "require": {
        "willdurand/geocoder": "*"

And run these two commands to install it:

$ wget
$ php composer.phar install

Create a php file, replace API_KEY by yours and execute it:

namespace toin0u;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Geocoder\Geocoder;
use Geocoder\HttpAdapter\CurlHttpAdapter;
use Geocoder\Provider\OIORestProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\GoogleMapsProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\BingMapsProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\OpenStreetMapsProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\CloudMadeProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\MapQuestProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\YahooProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\YandexProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\GeocoderCaProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\GeocoderUsProvider;
use Geocoder\Dumper\WktDumper;

$geocoder = new Geocoder();
$adapter = new CurlHttpAdapter();

$providers = array(
    new OIORestProvider($adapter),
    new GoogleMapsProvider($adapter),
    new BingMapsProvider($adapter, 'API_KEY'),
    new OpenStreetMapsProvider($adapter),
    new CloudMadeProvider($adapter, 'API_KEY'),
    new MapQuestProvider($adapter),
    new YahooProvider($adapter, 'API_KEY'),
    new YandexProvider($adapter),
    new GeocoderCaProvider($adapter),
    new GeocoderUsProvider($adapter),

foreach ($geocoder->getProviders() as $provider) {
    $geocode = $geocoder->using($provider->getName());
    try {
        $providerResults[$provider->getName()] = $geocode->geocode('10 rue Gambetta, Paris, France');
    } catch (\Exception $e) {
        $providerResults[$provider->getName()] = array();

$dumper = new WktDumper();
foreach ($providerResults as $providerName => $providerResult) {
    if ($providerResult) {
        printf("%s: %s\n", $providerName, $dumper->dump($providerResult));
    } else {
        printf("%s: no result\n", $providerName);

You should get sommething like:

oio_rest: no result
google_maps: POINT(2.307266 48.823405)
bing_maps: POINT(2.307266 48.823405)
openstreetmaps: POINT(2.400725 48.867465)
cloudmade: POINT(2.534410 48.828790)
map_quest: POINT(2.398502 48.865096)
yahoo: POINT(2.389020 48.863281)
yandex: POINT(2.225684 48.874010)
geocoder_ca: no result
geocoder_us: no result

As I said, it’s very simple.

Please do not use this piece of code in production… You will rather use ChainProvider which is a special provider that takes a list of providers and iterates over this list to get information. It returns the first result object and stops.

The aim was to show how easy is to use the Geocoder API. Thanks to William who made geocoding manipulations easy in PHP !

Antoine Corcy

Developer / Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark