Geocoder asynchronous batch requests via Reactphp

As said we will use Reactphp especially the Async module. We will take the exemple from the post Geocoder php library simple batch requests and adapt it to make it asynchronous. The implementation will be very simple, it’s just to show how to use React with Geocoder in a very basic way.

We will use composer of course.

The composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "willdurand/geocoder": "*",
        "react/react": "0.2.*",
        "react/async": "dev-master"

And run these two commands to install it:

$ wget
$ php composer.phar install

Create a php file, replace API_KEY by yours and execute it:

namespace toin0u;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Geocoder\Geocoder;
use Geocoder\HttpAdapter\CurlHttpAdapter;
use Geocoder\Provider\OIORestProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\GoogleMapsProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\BingMapsProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\OpenStreetMapsProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\CloudMadeProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\MapQuestProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\YahooProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\YandexProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\GeocoderCaProvider;
use Geocoder\Provider\GeocoderUsProvider;
use Geocoder\Dumper\WktDumper;
use React\Async\Util as ReactAsync;

$geocoder = new Geocoder();
$adapter  = new CurlHttpAdapter();

$providers = array(
    new OIORestProvider($adapter),
    new GoogleMapsProvider($adapter),
    new BingMapsProvider($adapter, 'API_KEY'),
    new OpenStreetMapsProvider($adapter),
    new CloudMadeProvider($adapter, 'API_KEY'),
    new MapQuestProvider($adapter),
    new YahooProvider($adapter, 'API_KEY'),
    new YandexProvider($adapter),
    new GeocoderCaProvider($adapter),
    new GeocoderUsProvider($adapter),

foreach ($geocoder->getProviders() as $provider) {
    $tasks[$provider->getName()] = function ($callback) use ($geocoder, $provider) {
        try {
            $callback($geocoder->using($provider->getName())->geocode('10 rue Gambetta, Paris, France'));
        } catch (\Exception $e) {

$callback = function (array $providerResults) {
    $dumper = new WktDumper();
    foreach ($providerResults as $providerName => $providerResult) {
        if ($providerResult) {
            printf("%s: %s\n", $providerName, $dumper->dump($providerResult));
        } else {
            printf("%s: no result\n", $providerName);

ReactAsync::parallel($tasks, $callback);

You should get sommething like:

oio_rest: no result
google_maps: POINT(2.307266 48.823405)
bing_maps: POINT(2.307266 48.823405)
openstreetmaps: POINT(2.398914 48.865393)
cloudmade: POINT(2.534410 48.828790)
map_quest: POINT(2.398502 48.865096)
yahoo: POINT(2.389020 48.863281)
yandex: POINT(2.225684 48.874010)
geocoder_ca: no result
geocoder_us: no result

NB: if a provider throws an exception, we’ll catch it and override with an empty array. In that way, we don’t need to catch exceptions in parallel method, $errback is so null.

As expected we get results faster, around 30-40% :) Why not to use it ?

Antoine Corcy

Developer / Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark