I’m Antoine Corcy and I’m web developer in Copenhagen / Denmark from France (I speak danish ;). I’m passionate and curious so I enjoy experimenting and developing web applications using the latest web standards and learning about new languages and technologies. SEO, SERP and Semantic Web are a part of my interests too.

As a primary backend developer, I use PHP with different open-source databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and MangoDB. To not reinvent the wheel, I mainly use hight performance PHP frameworks like Symfony2 or Silex, with Doctrine2 / Propel (ORM) and Twig (template engine). However I think Laravel, Flow, Kohana and CodeIgniter are some great frameworks as well. I’m a Composer, Packagist and Bower user.

What about unit tests ? As a PHP developer, I use PHPUnit mostly but I’m attracted to atoum, you should give a try! When tests should drive the development, Behat is a nice StoryBDD framework for PHP. phpspec is also very interesting - I love it <3 !

I develop modules for different open-source CMS systems like Wordpress and Drupal when it’s needed.

I use node.js to develop hight scalable and event-driven web applications. Love it! I’m also following the SPA world, Marionette.js, Backbone.js, RequireJS… But felt in love with AngularJS !

As a curious person, I spend time on Ruby & Ruby on Rails or Go. I’m always learning and testing !

I use HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to develop frontend applications using different frameworks like jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Modernizr, Html5Boilerplate, LESS and so on… Nowdays websites should be Responsives for me !

I’m an avid Debian and Ubuntu Server user. Linux is a great OS to propulse web apps with HAProxy, Nginx (load balancer / reverse proxy) and/or Apache2 optimized with Redis, Memcached and/or Varnish.

Vagrant with Ansible is just awesome ! Docker shouldn’t be forgotten :)

Deployement ? Capistrano of course and Capifony for Symfony applications ! By the way, Grunt which is made in PHP looks promising…

What about Open Source ? I love it :)